Classic 2000 Series Controller

2700 Controllers
* High-density rack-mount system
* Integrates machine sequencing, motion control,
networking, and data acquisition
* Up to 16 axes of motion
* Up to 512 I/O
* Serial, Ethernet, DeviceNet communications

The 2700 Series programmable automation controllers use advanced technology, including a highly integrated plug-in CPU, to attain performance that exceeds the response metrics of much more costly systems.
This performance level, combined with the controller’s 128K user memory capacity and extended I/O and step capacities, makes the 2700 Series appropriate for any applicatio that demands ultra fast response times or real-time, multitasking machine control.
A multi-processor architecture distributes the workload, thereby increasing system performance. Multitasking for up to 84 independent tasks and advanced motion control commands enable you to design sophisticated solutions for the most complex applications.