HooDong Cartesian Robot

Ballscrew Type with 20 microns repeatability

Type Width Height  Axis Length  Max Payload
So7 70mm 70mm 100 – 1050mm  9kg
 S10/D10 100mm 64mm 100 – 1050mm 9kg/18kg
D14 135mm 75mm 100 – 1050mm  80kg
D17 168mm 97mm 100 – 1250mm 100kg
D20 160mm 110mm 300 – 1450mm 150kg


Belt Type with 40 to 50 microns repeatability

Type Width Height Axis Length Max Payload
S10 100mm 64mm 1100 – 2550mm 5kg
D14 135mm 75mm 1100 – 2250mm 20kg
D17 168mm 97mm 1200 – 3550mm 50kg
D20 160mm 110mm 1200 – 4600mm 80kg


* Building block concept allows single or multiple axes configurations with ease of mix and match

* High repeatability of between 0.02mm to 0.05 depending on ballscrew or belt type

* Can use with any brand of AC servo motors or stepper motors with incremental or absolute encoder

*Complete with coupling, home and limit sensors

* Many options available like Reduced length type, dust resistant and cleanroom class 100

*2D and 3D drawing available upon request