LAR Series Linear Rotary Actuators

SMAC’s original series of linear rotary actuators offered with either direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units. The vacuum-built-in shaft through the rotary motor is available for some models to prevents dust build-up in the unit. These electric actuators can easily be programmed to control force/torque, position and velocity in all axes at the same time with feedback capability. Standard linear resolution is 5µm with 1µm, 0.5µm and 0.1µm options available on most models. The rotary resolution varies between 2,000 to 28,000 counts for gearbox units and 20,000 counts for the direct drive. Higher rotary encoder resolution and alternative geared motors to increase torque/gear ratio are also available.


  • Soft-Land function and precise force/torque control
  • Precision Positioning
  • Vacuum built-in through the shaft
  • Safty return spring option available
  • Data Feedback