* Backlash of between 15 arc min to 20 arc min
* The RE series is available in 5 sizes (Diameter of 55mm, 72mm, 90mm, 115 and 140mm)
* Ratio from 3 to 100 with 1 and 2 reduction stages
* High input speed of max 5,000rpm
* 2 output shaft diameters to select from, catering to different output torque required
* 2 type of output flange, round(A or T) or square(Q) type to select
* Compatible motor mounting flange available to your motor
* Housing are made of special nitride steel to assure strength, high reliability and long life
* Shafts are made of hardened and tempered alloy steel
* Gears are made of case hardened and tempered alloy steel, with ground toothing
* Bearings of high quality and suitably sized to assure long life and noiseless working