*Ezi-STEP is an integrated motor and drive in one unit.

* Wide range of sizes – Flange size of 42, 56 and 60mm

*Resolution of up to 50,000 pulses per revolution


*Ezi-STEP-ST is similar to conventional stepper motor and drive system(separate units)

* Wide range of sizes – Flange size of 20, 28, 42, 56,60 and 86mm

*Dip switch settings


Common Specifications for Ezi-STEP and Ezi-STEP-ST :


*Sensorless detection of the loss-of-synchronization of a stepping motor.

* Easy interface to communicate with an upper controller by issuing RUN/STOP signal.

(The type of alarm issued can be identified by LED indicator)

* High-performance DSP resolves the basic resolution of 1.8 degree up to maximum 0.0072degree(1/250 steps).

* Adjusts PWM control signal in every 25 usec ensuring more precise current control and high-precision microstep operation.

* Software Damping – Vibration suppression and High-speed operation

* Automatically increases the supply voltage and prevents the torque lowering due to the low effective operating voltage on a motor from the back emf voltage, in turn enabling a high-speed operation